Lenders can contribute to Goldilend's lending pool by locking iBGT on the platform. All locks are permanent and cannot be withdrawn. Lockers receive GiBGT representing their ownership of a portion of the Goldilend lending pool. This token has various utilities:

(i) 95% of interest payments made through the platform are compounded back into the lending pool, thereby increasing the amount of iBGT backing each GiBGT token, and also increasing the size of the lending pool and the liquidity of the market.

(ii) GiBGT/iBGT liquidity will be incentivized via partner platforms to allow lenders to easily trade in and out of their GiBGT positions.

(iii) Goldilocks DAO may decide to partner with lending platforms to make it possible to use GiBGT as collateral, thereby allowing lenders to remain liquid and continue to enjoy the autocompounding increase in GiBGT valuations without exiting their position.

(iv) GiBGT stakers will have the first opportunity to liquidate overdue loans, thereby gaining the chance to buy associated collateral below market price.

(v) GiBGT stakers will also be incentivised with generous PORRIDGE emissions for the first twelve months after the launch of the platform.

Finally, note that unutilized iBGT in the lending pool will automatically be used in the Berachain proof of liquidity mechanisms (via Infrared), and will only be withdrawn when they are needed for a loan, which ensures that the minimum yield of assets in the lending pool is at least as great as the staking yield of iBGT.

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